International Journal Of Water Resources & Arid Environments (IJWRAE) Vol 6(1) April 2017

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Download this file (1e.pdf)01-12Satellite Remote Sensing Analyses for Hydrogeological Assessment of Rabigh Drainage Basin, Red Sea Coast, Saudi Arabia – Nayyer Alam Zaigham
Download this file (2e.pdf)13-19Erosion Sensitivity Mapping Using a Multi-Criteria Approach under GIS Environment The Case of the Semiarid Hodna Basin in Central Algeria – Mahmoud Hasbaia
Download this file (3e.pdf)20-32Hydrochemical Studies of Groundwater at Al Hassa Oasis, Eastern Region, Saudi Arabia – Ahmed S. El-Mahmoudi
Download this file (4e.pdf)33-40Stormwater Infiltration Facilities-Philosophy, Design – David Duchan
Download this file (5e.pdf)41-49Water Accounting Concepts for Enhancing Water Productivity in the Irrigated Agriculture at Field and Basin Levels – S.A. Abd El-Hafez
Download this file (6e.pdf)50-57Derivation of the Unit Hydrograph of Allith Basin in the South West of Saudi Arabia – Mohammad Albishi
Download this file (7e.pdf)58-64Assessing Evapotranspiration and Drought Stress over a Semiarid Agricultural Area in Algeria with RS Data – Abderrahmane Hamimed
Download this file (8e.pdf)65-79Groundwater Pollution Vulnerability Assessment Using A New GIS-Based DRASTIC Method – S.M. Hamza
Download this file (9e.pdf)80-88Climate Change Impact on Precipitation in Arid Areas of Pakistan – I. Hassan
Download this file (10 e.pdf)89-95Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam Impact on Long Term Operation of High Aswan Dam Reservoir – Hassan Ibrahim Mohamed
Download this file (11e.pdf)96-102Silica Interfaced Biocarbon Technology for Decolourization and Removal of Pollutants from Distillery Wastewater and its Safe Use in Farming Practice: A Green Concept – Malairajan Singanan
Download this file (12e.pdf)103-114Economic Feasibility of Small Scale Solar Powered RO Desalination for Brackish/Saline Groundwater in Arid Regions – Mohamed A. Dawoud
Download this file (13e.pdf)115-125Ground Water Exploration and Mapping the Seawater Intrusion at Matruh Area, North Coast, Egypt – El-Said A. AL-Sayed
Download this file (14e.pdf)126-132Combating Desertification Through Sustainable Use of Saline Habitats – Mirvat E. Gobarah